I'm born on 06th of February 1978 in Split and grew up in Makarska, Croatia. I started to draw by myself in teenage years, mostly with ink, pencil and aquarelle.

I enrolled Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2007 and in 2012 received MFA diploma from postgraduate program in painting.

I work both in traditional (oil on canvas) and digital media.

I get inspired by everything that surrounds us, that we are part of. The area of my greatest interest and for which I feel very strongly about is brain neuroplasticity (on which I did my master thesis). Second important area that balances my creative process is figurative imagination. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" Einstein; "You can play a shoestring if you are sincere" J. Coltrane; "Don't play what's there, play what's not there." & "To keep creating you have to be about change." M. Davis; "Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence." Osho; "The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine." Nikola Tesla
The true imagination is something completely different from escaping into the unreal. None of spirt's ability dives and digs deeper than imagination; imagination is a great diver.    

I refrain myself from critiques of human reality/realities. I choose by nature process of transcendence to go beyond 'wor(l)ds' to convey what I need to convey visually. I use our visual 'reality' as a clean slate that is gradually transformed into transcended worlds, where objects are usually placed in juxtaposition, either using humor or chill or irony.

Each work is open to many interpretations and its title merely serves as a 'trial code' that can help to initiate those interpretations. I pay attention that my works are also visually enjoyable/provocative, without burdening the mind. 

Zen & zazen mediation, sea & nature, music, playing piano, science, travelling, movies, books...all this is crucial for my work. + Monty Python!

My former education also includes BA & MBA degrees from Webster University, Vienna, Austria (1996 - 2001). I worked almost 10 years in the business world, first in telecommunication then in graphic printing industry.

I speak English, German and Spanish and I'm a good cook (took after my granny).

LOVE: my dog Moro, driving own boat / sailing, travelling, running, gourmet cuisine, dancing, laughing, cuddling...

I'm a member of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU)


2019: Night of museums: "Digital painting is contemporary painting", gallery Antun Gojak, Makarska, Croatia

2017: ''Sagitta'', gallery ''Laval Nugent'', Vodnikova 4, Zagreb, Croatia

2016: "Braining - eternal shine of neuroplasticity", gallery "Panacea", Institute for cancer, Zagreb, Croatia

2012: "1. solo exhibition", gallery "Antun Gojak", Makarska, Croatia


Zdroj: "Rozhovor s rodnym krajem", Galerii Mesta Olomouci, Olomouci, Czech Republic

2016: "Advent u Arena centru", Zagreb, Croatia

2016. "Rozhovor s rodnym krajem", Galerii Mesta Olomouci, Olomouci, Czech Republic

2015. "Annual exhibition of HDLU members", gallery "Prsten", Zagreb, Croatia

2014. "Repassage", Punta Rata - Brela, Croatia

2014. "Low tide", Gale Rica, Makarska, Croatia

2014. "Prints", Tin Ujevic Tower, Vrgorac, Croatia

2014. "Town's architecture", Makarska Municipal Museum, Croatia

2013. "International exhibition", hotel Soline, Brela, Croatia

2012. “Tampon generacija”, NUS, gallery “Aquarium”, Split, Croatia

2011: “Izložba studenata 2011.” gallery “Slavo Striegl”, Sisak, Croatia  
          “Za let si dušo stvorena”: gallery “Antun Gojak”, Makarska, Croatia

2010:  “Market”, 30th youth salon: gallery “Nova forma”, Zagreb, Croatia
           “Academic painters in Sisak”, gallery “Slavo Striegl”, Sisak, Croatia